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At Umbrella Career Services in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I offer resume writing, interview preparation, and recruitment consultancy services. Review the service details below to identify the best option for you.  

Resume Writing Services

I provide reviews of existing resumes and create updated documents. Many of my clients are new graduates or individuals facing employment barriers. My service includes an initial consultation via email, video conferencing, or a face-to-face interview to determine the client’s goals. Upon receipt of any existing documentation, a resume review will be completed, and the new resume will be created. 

Each client has the opportunity to review the document and request changes; final documents are provided in both .doc and .pdf formats.

Interview Preparation/Career Counseling Services

This service includes a face-to-face or video conference consultation to discuss fears and tactics to overcome anxiety and help prepare for an interview. I provide career counseling to assist my clients in determining the direction and roles they wish to pursue.


Recruitment Consultancy Services 

I work closely with clients in finding the perfect match for their job postings. My services include providing job description development, resume search, candidate pre-screening, interview coordination, and reference checking. My background includes expertise in areas related to administration, customer service, or management roles, combined with a well-rounded background in additional industries.

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